Grape Seed of the


Co-Author with Margaux Michel Thibaud, young woman but not yet classified casée, celebrates its 33 years. Her best friend, Fleurie, arrives with a surprise guest, Vouvray, Margaux is that with […]


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  Mary is a young woman 30 years from now. This is a "Bridget Jones" in a Loft! Feminine words, humorous situations where dreams mingle, fantasies, nightmares, realities and where […]

The Greatest World Coin


  143 Playwrights gathered against extremism Preface Jean-Michel Ribes Publishing Almond / Theater “The Greatest World Coin” was created 22 seven. […]

Mary Chair

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  Marie “flesh and blood” assists lucid and sorry to wreck his body can no longer wait for the man she loves and who left. Appears […]

Women waiting

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  Piece performed at Theatre Montmartre Paris Galabru 18 in 1996   In a hall Terminal, some women intersect… A businesswoman, Teen timide, mother unbearable… Until […]